Getting fresh and staying fresh in Atlanta, that’s just something I try to do. Here’s what happened when I applauded all the truth that was happening between my friend and I’s mutual follows of HOT 107.9,  DJ Posterchild, and 2Chainz on Twitter. This blog is coming back, and I am about to be fresh since […]

I’m back. Since my last post on March 16, I have written a master’s thesis, finished that thesis, completed my master’s degree, become a UChicago Alumni, moved back to Georgia, started an internship, finished that internship, and then woke up and had no place to write or to take words to the world. So what’s […]

If one were to think about the trajectory of hip hop and rap music, the transition from the days of N.W.A., 2Pac, and Biggie Smalls to Travis Porter, Rick Ross, and 2Chainz could not be a starker movement? The move from “Mo’ Money Problems” and “F— The Police” to “Birthday Song,” “Make It Rain,” and […]

The sublime immediacy of Flo Rida defies the listener’s ability to transcend the actual experience of listening to the music by forcing him to experience the music as being contained by it in a kind of holding pattern. I am here to claim that Flo Rida presents a much more adept and deceptive artist that […]

There’s something about having a fever that changes the way you think, and yet there seems to be some things that change with you. I don’t have a lot of heavily detailed memories of when I had pneumonia besides sporadic moments of clarity punctuated by relentlessly chattering teeth and perpetual dehydration. But, I remember listening […]

[…continued] While Kid Rock’s punchy and party inspired songs may capture our attention and get us amped, something else is happening. The singer who’s voice has become a pronouncement of Kid Rock through verse becomes the ownership of an individual through discourse. But Kid Rock’s discourse of the self must take place through lyrical detachment […]

Why is it that everyone loves to hate Kid Rock? Just in mentioning his name, people roll their eyes, turn their face and squint like they just heard their grandparents talk about intercourse, and immediately lower their opinion of your taste in music. Is he the social abjection that allows middle class parents to sleep […]


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